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Our Process

When we rejuvenate your old concrete or protect your brand-new concrete, there is a lot more involved than simply laying out the epoxy to ensure you are satisfied with the results.  Your new epoxy garage floor involves a multi-step process to ensure a long-lasting epoxy floor coating with the clean finish you are looking for! Contact Dan at (920) 378-2458 for a free estimate today!

Our repair compound for cracked and damaged garage floor.


In order for a quality smooth finish and moisture barrier, we first use a repair compound to repair cracks and imperfections.


 We then grind down, sand, and etch the entire surface so that it has a rough sandpaper texture. This assists the epoxy in adhering and going on evenly, as well as prevents slip and fall issues caused by a perfectly smooth floor. 

Our industrial-grade machine for etching concrete surface
Epoxy floor base coat and decorative flakes.

Epoxy And Decorative Elements

Once the surface has been sanded and repaired, we apply the epoxy base coat, and add special items like custom metal flakes or metallic pigments.

Cure & Topcoat

The exact time to cure depends on the specific elements you choose to include in your design. During the curing process of epoxy, it is crucial that there is no vehicular or foot traffic on the floor. It is important for the epoxy to cure completely, before we apply the topcoat for a final seal and finished look. 

Epoxy floor coating - top coat
Epoxy Floor Coating gray with black/white flecks
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